How to play worship guitar well enough to join the church band!


Have you ever stood in the congregation, listening to the band with goose bumps on your arms…


…wishing you were up on the stage with them?


If the answer is YES then keep reading because you’re about to learn about a new shortcut system for learning worship guitar.


You see, as I’m sure you know worship bands underpin modern church services.


It’s not like in the old days when you had to sing boring hymns.


Nope, today’s worshippers aren’t afraid to sing, dance and show what they feel inside. And if you’ve ever wanted to take part (But were too afraid to try) you need to sign up for Play Worship Guitar


Play worship guitar is a guitar learning course by a guy called Aaron Anastasi


He’s a musician and worship leader from Southern California. When Aaron got involved in worship music he didn’t consider himself a “Musician.”


One afternoon he was watching the band rehearse. And as it turned out the guitarist couldn’t make it, and Aaron found himself being drafted in.


The bass player taught him a simple trick for playing chords and by some miracle he was able to play with the band that night. This crazy experience made him realize that, “Musical talent” is mostly just a myth…


…and that ANYONE can learn how to play guitar and play well enough to be in a band!


Since then countless people have asked him to teach them guitar.


And he realized that the fastest and easiest way was to create an online course. This way he could teach multiple people at once, without even being there. He calls this course, Play Worship Guitar and it’s a complete step by step course with audio, written and video instruction.


He’s also created a system which can speed up the learning process so that you see almost immediate results.


The truth is that guitar is simple.


You don’t have to understand boring music theory or sit in a room playing scales for 5 hours a day.


And because he knows how many people are desperate to play worship guitar…


…and because he knows how wrong it would be to hoard his talents…


…he’s decided to price this course at just ONE DOLLAR.


That’s right it costs just $1 to learn how to play worship guitar.


You can learn to play the classics of worship music in just minutes a day.


And if you’ve ever stood in the congregation…wishing you were up on stage here’s where to sign up for Aaron’s course